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wHO are bristol bobbers anyway?

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Luke Cormack - Director and Founder

I first established the company in 2015 with a main focus on bringing a new breed of young and enthusiastic riders and builders to the motorcycle scene. I wanted to grow the company organically without diving into mass investments and corporate input. Through my passion for motorcycles and my ambition to create an affordable custom ride that would appeal to my friends and the younger people alike. I started off small, purchasing a couple of Yamaha 125cc bikes and seeing if I could develop a new style with a strong reliable base line, I was pretty impressed with how they looked once finished, so I then progressed on to the larger bikes after the smaller ones had sold... before I had even completed them! We prefer to work on the Japanese brands as they carry reliable engines and strong wiring, but we don't limit ourselves to them. Mike also has the same passion and enthusiasm and ideas that I have, we are always conversing and bouncing crazy new ideas off each other. We have together accumulated more ideas than we know what to do with...... so keep your eyes peeled for the next up coming bike we release. Working together we have created a strong friendship and continue to grow the brand. 

Mike Leary - Director

I can remember wanting a cool motorcycle from a very young age, so when I set about getting my first bike I set about transforming it into something that looked like it came straight out of WW2. This was just the beginning for me as I quickly realised the sky's the limit when it comes to customisation. I always appreciate beautiful engineering on any style of motorcycle but the classic and vintage look is definitely for me. After meeting Luke and seeing the outstanding work he has already done I knew it was a match made in heaven; a true meeting of minds! For us its all about the finer details and creating something totally unique to realise the end result. We both have the same enthusiasm and a keen eye for detail, always looking to do the best we possibly can under any given circumstances. A banned phrase from the workshop - "that'll do!"



Founder / Director



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